The Way Forward Programme

Wight Crystal profits help to support this life-enhancing enterprise

The Way Forward ProgrammeOsel Enterprises was formed in 1988 to provide training and employment for people with disabilities living on the Island. They work closely with social services, families and carers, providers of services and other organisations to meet the needs of the Island.


Osel consists of two enterprises, Wight Crystal Spring Water and The Way Forward Programme.


When you purchase water from Wight Crystal you are supporting the Way Forward Programme and everyone who uses the service. All proceeds are reinvested back into the company to provide the opportunities requested by the users, this ensures that the Way Forward Programme continues to be able to deliver a rewarding user lead service for everyone involved.


The Way Forward Programme was formed to promote the welfare and development opportunities for people with learning and physical disabilities and others who need support to maintain good mental health. Based at 25 Daish Way in Newport, the Programme works closely with a wide range of organisations.


The dedicated team of staff are always looking for new and exciting experiences for people to become involved in and will provide each individual with the highest standard of care and support.


The Way Forward Programme is determined to continue to develop high standards of support for people with a disability across the Island by allowing people the opportunity to achieve their goals, grow in independence, confidence and build on self esteem.


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