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Wight Crystal are the widely recognised supplier of spring water and water coolers on the Isle of Wight.

As a registered charity Wight Crystal work alongside The Way Forward Programme. This provides a programme of activities supporting people with physical and learning disabilities, autism and long term conditions.

Our Pledge


By implementing a minimum order value, we have reduced the number of trips we make in Wight Crystal vehicles.


We have introduced 500ml reusable plastic bottles into our range for those who like to fill up on the go, they can also be recycled and are dishwasher friendly.


All our bottles and caps are fully recyclable and we have compostable and biodegradable “Planet” cups in our range.

A Word

From The CEO

“I have lived and worked on the Island all of my life and the majority of my family are based here, loving the Island and the community feel is the reason why I am still here today.

Osel is a very special place to work; the community, Island businesses and other charities give Osel huge support and make a difference to people’s lives every day!

I love my job and have a great team that help provide one of the best support services on the Isle of Wight”.

-Tracey Hill

Image courtesy of The County Press

Walk the Wight 2020

Walk the Wight 2020

Wight Crystal are proud to be the water supplier for Walk The Wight 2020 Each walker will receive a bottle of water to take along the route. All of our bottles and caps are 100% recyclable, please dispose responsibly.

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Spill Mat

Spill Mat

Measuring 60cm x 90cm, our new Spill Mat is perfect for the workplace, gyms, schools, salons & spas. If customers drip water onto the mats they will soak up the water protecting the floor beneath. 

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Contact Us

Location: 7 Daish Way, Newport, PO30 5XJ

Telephone: 01983-520128

Email: enquiries@oseliow.org.uk

Opening Times: M-F: 8.30am – 4.30pm