Where on the Island does Wight Crystal Spring Water come from?
From Knighton in the centre of the Island.
When did you start bottling Wight Crystal Spring Water?
June 1989.
Can I buy from you direct as a private customer?
Yes you’re very welcome to call in to Wight Crystal any week day between 8:30am and 4:00pm. Visit our Contact page to find out exactly where we are. 
Do you support bespoke label products for other businesses?
 Yes for promotion purposes our customers are able to offer Wight Crystal bottled water in bottles bearing their own bespoke label. Please Contact Us for further information.
Do Wight Crystal supply watercoolers?
 Yes we’ve been doing so since 1995. We supply, on a purchase or rental basis, every type of cooler imaginable including the under counter variety which emerges via a bench top tap. Our bottled water coolers are a popular feature in hundreds of Island businesses, factories, hospital premises and homes with many being hired on a daily or weekly basis for events . Please Contact Us and ask for a quote to meet your needs.
How long does it take for Wight Crystal to deliver an order?
 Usually orders placed one day are delivered the next. However we do try to respond to our customers needs by delivering the same day if the order is urgent. We firmly believe in customer service. Without our customers we have no business! 
Are Wight Crystal products sold on the mainland?
Yes they are and have been since 1991. If you’re not fortunate enough to be based on the beautiful Isle of Wight, we will try and cater for businesses across the South Coast where possible.
Are Wight Crystal and the Way Forward Programme part of the same charity?
 They most certainly are and do everything they can to support each other. You can find out more about The Way Forward Programme here
Why do you have a spring water bottling plant and a care support agency, it seems a strange mixture?
We have always hoped that the income from Wight Crystal would not only employ people with a disability but would also fund our care provision on the Isle of Wight.