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Wight Crystal are the widely recognised supplier of spring water and water coolers on the Isle of Wight. Our water comes from a natural spring at Knighton on the Isle of Wight and is bottled in our plant in Newport.

As a registered charity Wight Crystal work alongside The Way Forward Programme which provides a programme of activites supporting people with physical and learning disabilites, autism and long term conditions. At Wight Crystal we employ work placement employees who assist with the bottling, labelling and delivery of water, soft drinks and water coolers to customers.

Bottled water coolers-hot and cold information

Bottled water coolers allow you the flexibility of being able to site them in almost any location. If you would like a statement water cooler the EVEREST ELITE is the one for you; it’s stylish modern design will catch everyone’s attention and is a must for a contemporary setting. The GLACIER (GLR) is easy to clean and robust, it is ideally suited for use in most locations including home, offices, dentists and doctor’s reception areas, refreshment areas, workshops, warehouses and on the shop floor. The table top is ideal if you are short of floor space and it will fit easily onto any work surface or table.

everest elite

glr black/white

table top

Water Cooler Specification Everest Elite GLR Table Top
Height (inc 18.9lt bottle) 1053 980mm 419mm
Width 319mm 312mm 330mm
Depth 327mm 314mm 368mm


Renting Coolers (price exc VAT) Pay Up Front (per year) Prices Per Month

+Sanitation Per Year-Invoiced (4 Recommended by the WHA)

Everest Elite £140 £13 £56
Glacier (GLR) White/Black £110/£121 £10/£11 £56

Table Top  White/Black

£110/121 £10/£11 £56





Purchasing Coolers (price exc VAT) 1-2
3-5 Sanitation 1 off +Sanitation Agreement (4 disinfection per year)
Everest Elite £250 £245 £35 £100
Glacier (GLR) White/Black £199/£225 each £195/£220 each £35 £100
Table Top White/Black £190/£216 each £185/£210 each £35 £10




If you are interested in buying or renting a water cooler from Wight Crystal, please contact our sales team on 01983 520128 and our cooler technician will arrange an installation date at your convenience.

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Location: 7 Daish Way, Newport, PO30 5XJ

Telephone: 01983-520128


Opening Times: M-F: 8.30am – 4.30pm